Victorian mid-terrace bay window repair

Victorian mid-terrace house bay window generic repair. Victorian mid-terrace house – Generic subsidence and cracking bay window repair

case study 56e297ccee0e66.12873211 2 - Victorian mid-terrace bay window repair

This building was a traditional two-storey mid-terrace domestic residence of Victorian vintage with a pitched tiled roof.

Problem – cracked bay window

The front bay windows showed visible distortion and distress, accompanied by significant cracking to both the main brickwork and brick entrance arches, which had also dropped.

Causation – subsidence

It was clearly evident that the bay window had rotated away from the main building line, owing to subsidence. The bay window’s foundations were shallow compared with those of the main building. This situation had been exacerbated by the close proximity of a tall tree that was further desiccating the clay subsoil, though the subsidence was not deemed severe enough at the time to warrant underpinning.

Bay window repair Solution

The bay window was tied back to the main elevation using stainless steel bed joint reinforcement. This served also to beam up the brickwork and repair the cracking. In addition, the bay was tied back to the two floors behind to provide proper lateral restraint. The arch was pinned up, using stainless steel pins, and resined into the brickwork above. After installation, pointing was raked out, reinstated and tinted to match the existing (see coloured remedial works on our proposal picture).

case 10 a - Victorian mid-terrace bay window repair

Arboricultural works were undertaken on the tree (by others), to reduce the crown and accordingly lower its water demand from the underlying clay.

case 10 c - Victorian mid-terrace bay window repaircase 10 b - Victorian mid-terrace bay window repair


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