Frequently Asked Questions about Bay Window Structural Problems

As you can see from the gallery images below, Action Wall Ties have experience with a wide range of bay window structural defects and problems. Whether the problem is a failing timber beam, problems following the fitting of replacement windows or just a problem that is slowly getting worse, AWT can help. Our survey teams can help diagnose the root causes and then provide an action plan to treat the underlying structural defects.

We can help with large and small projects, from listed buildings and commercial properties to a single bay window on a domestic home, all of our customers receive the same care and attention.

Call us on 01227 721255 to discuss your bay window issues or use our contact form.

My bay window is sagging/pulling away/leaning/cracking. Is it subsidence?

Not necessarily. Often the problem is lateral movement, that is movement within the building’s superstructure. Many period properties suffer from a combination of ageing and ineffective/ inadequate restraining of the bay window structural elements. AWT’s specialist remediation methods can realign the masonry and then provide reinforcement within the existing structure. This cost-effective repair method restores the structural integrity and preserves the period features of the property.

Why choose AWT rather than a traditional builder?

AWT have developed unique, specialist realigning equipment and reinforcing techniques. These are specifically designed to address the root causes of bay window structural defects to provide a long-term solution.  This avoids the disruption of slow, messy and costly rebuilding work by traditional building methods.

Our expertise in this area means you can trust that our structural repairs will last. Many repairs by traditional methods only provide a temporary, cosmetic repair and result in further costs in the future.

Our structural repair solutions restore the structural integrity of the bay window with minimal impact on the appearance of your property. The high-quality stainless steel fixings are all buried within the masonry thanks to our specialist cutting and drilling techniques.

Our competitive quotes, which we guarantee will be all you will be asked to pay, the efficiency of our work and the minimal disruption to the occupants of the property are added benefits.

I need rapid structural repairs for my bay window, can AWT help?

Yes, we can help with urgent structural repairs to bay windows. To get the fastest response we recommend emailing  with photos of the defects noted and the external view, along with your name, address, postcode and contact number. This will enable us to review the defects to enable the appropriate response and book the survey as soon as possible. We generally try to book surveys within the next working week.

Alternatively use our contact form. Please note, in order to book a survey we need your name, address and daytime phone number.

Once the survey is complete, how long before the bay window structural repairs get started?

For domestic bay window repairs, once our quote has been accepted, we aim to start work (and often complete it) within 1 month. We can give more precise timelines once the survey is complete.

How long do bay window structural repairs take?

Unlike traditional builders, AWT’s specialist repair techniques enable us to repair even serious bay window structural defects without demolishing and rebuilding. This makes for significant time-saving.

Of course, the time required depends on the scope of works requiring structural repairs and how serious or widespread the faults are. Generally speaking, our structural repairs for domestic bay windows will be completed within a week or two. We can give more precise timelines once the survey is complete.

Do workers need access inside my home in order to complete the bay window repairs?

The vast majority of the structural repair work is done from the outside of the property. Access to the floor voids may be required to install lateral restraints. Generally, work inside the property takes no more than 1 – 2 days.

All our staff are health screened every morning before work commences, a 2m distance is maintained away from customers and appropriate PPE is provided including masks.

Will I need to redecorate inside my property after the structural repairs are completed?

AWT’s specialist repair techniques mean there is minimal disruption to the internal decor. The structural faults may have already caused cracks in walls and ceilings which may require touching up. All works are left ready for the decoration process by others.

How much do structural repairs to bay windows cost?

Over many years addressing structural defects, AWT has developed unique, specialist techniques that can often retain the building’s original features and avoid the cost of lengthy rebuilding work that traditional builders rely on. This makes our quotes very competitive at a guaranteed cost. Plus there is the added bonus of knowing our experienced experts will be dealing with the root causes of the structural issues and not just the symptoms. Traditional building techniques may offer short-term, cosmetic repairs that are often subject to an ever growing cost.

In many cases, AWT can provide a no obligation “Guesstimate” without a site visit based on photos of the structural faults. Call us on 01227 721255 to discuss your project and we will do our best to give you a guide price.

Once our free survey is complete we will provide a full quotation.

AWT are available in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex. To arrange a survey or to discuss project details, please use our contact form, email us or call us on 01227 721 255.

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