Have You Identified An Issue With Your Property?

If you have identified an issue with your property then it makes sense to call in an expert. With 20 years of masonry repair and reinforcement expertise, as leaders in our field, as technique and equipment innovators and as a company dedicated to carefully, sympathetically and promptly resolving any masonry, brickwork or wall stabilisation issue, we are the experts you’re looking for.

Below is a veritable rogue’s gallery of defects that we see and solve every day in client’s buildings across London and the southeast of England. Click on any of these links to find out how we can help, or if your building is suffering from any of them contact us today on 01227 721255, email us at enquiries@actionwallties.co.uk, or use our contact form to get in touch to book an appointment with one of our surveyors.

We always offer an honest appraisal of the information sent to us. If your property doesn’t require our specialist structural repair techniques we will let you know. We always recommend what is best for the customer in terms of a suitable, cost-effective repair.

One of our clients' testimonials

S. Epstein, Ebco

Here at Ebco we specialise in high-end projects, where the detail really matters, we’ve even won an award or two for our efforts and Chris and his team at Action Wall Ties fit right in to this environment. I’ve trusted Chris with our client’s properties for years for two simple reasons. Firstly the quality and care of their workmanship, and secondly their uncanny ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems that have saved my clients both time and money on numerous occasions.

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