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Action Wall Ties has been working with homeowners, commercial clients and those in the public sector for over two decades, assisting on all manner of brickwork repair and reinforcement issues, and developing a reputation for being a leader in our field.

This reputation has been gained not only as a result of our quality standards – internally and externally holders of BS.EN.ISO 9001:1994 for over 20 years, members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation, approved by various specialist material manufacturers, plus CHAS Heath & safety accreditation. It’s not simply because of the investment we make in our skills and knowledge development programme to ensure that all those who work for us are the best in the industry, thanks to in-house and guest trainers from specialist manufacturers that we work closely with.

Our reputation has been gained through a steadfast commitment to refusing to give in to the concept that a problem has no solution. Innovation has been one of the most important differentiators between us and our competition, driving the development of new techniques and equipment when faced with complex masonry-related issues or when we recognise where greater efficiencies can be achieved. These innovations are then not only introduced to our own teams to master but shared with the industry at large.

So confident are we that our work is always of the highest standards that we offer as standard an AWT five-year warranty with an option of a 25-year insurance-backed warranty on all of our work.

Should you wish to find out more about the work we do and how we would approach your project, call us today on 01227 721255, email us at enquiries@actionwallties.co.uk or use our contact form to get in touch.

How We Work

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Innovative Solutions

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Partner Organisations

Action Wall Ties are experienced structural repair contractors that have worked with a wide variety of partner organisations in the public and private sectors. From large infrastructure projects for Transport for London to repairing housing stock for London boroughs and local councils. AWT are well respected and known for providing safe, high-standard structural repairs.

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