Here at Action Wall Ties we have not come across a masonry related problem that we could not fix. While a wide range of standard off-the-shelf solutions do exist for the sort of work that we do, there are always some situations when they simply are not up to the job. At times like these others might hold up their hands in surrender, but we move into R&D mode.

Over the years we have developed specialised drilling and cutting techniques, designed and fabricated unique metal works, and even created tools for carrying out the work.

Examples of innovative solutions we’ve introduced include:

  • The design and manufacture of versatile precision controlled drilling jigs suited to almost any method, including rotary, impact and wet and dry diamond drilling.
  • The development of powerful hydraulic powered diamond disc and chain saw bladed remedial expansion joint equipment, able to cut wide parallel joints in a single pass.
  • The development of powerful hydraulic powered clamping realignment equipment.
  • The design and fabrication of specially made restraint brackets, posts and handrail fixings alongside a range of other remedial metal works.


To find out more about our innovative solutions, or to discuss your building’s needs, call us today on 01227 721255, email us at or use our contact form to get in touch.

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