At Action Wall Ties we care about our clients and their buildings. We do our absolute utmost to understand the specific demands of every project and to apply the most appropriate, effective and cost-conscious solutions, tailored to any masonry repair or reinforcement need.

To gain a little insight into how we work we have summarised our approach below:

  1. Get it checked out. If your building has cracks, bowing or bulging walls, failing brickwork, arches or lintels, or seems to be suffering from any other masonry defects or issues get it checked out by a professional. After 20 years as masonry repair and reinforcement specialists we know that, while often purely superficial, sometimes these symptoms are an indication of a deeper problem. Our surveyors will quickly determine the root cause and report their results to you in a detailed document.
  2. Honest up-front costings. We don’t like surprises, so we make sure that a thorough review of the issues at hand and the options available are presented, discussed and agreed upon before creating detailed, clear quotations for our clients.
  3. The consultation process. Our senior consultants and estimators are available as and when you need them to discuss the issues your building is facing, the remedial options open to you, and the cost implications of each potential solution.
  4. Strong project management. Two decades of project experience has moulded our approach to project management, honing it into the well-oiled machine it is today. Method statements, risk and COSHH assessments, health and safety policy, and insurance and tax details will need to be reviewed, a project director, project manager, team leaders and team assigned and a schedule agreed.
  5. Health and safety. As CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) members we adhere to strict health and safety procedures that all those working for and with us have been trained in, understand, respect and apply. This is something we regularly monitor and review for the safety of all on site.
  6. Respect across the board. From our administrators to our on-site teams we appreciate that our work may cause some inconvenience to you, your tenants, or your neighbours. Sometimes that’s just unavoidable. Therefore we always do our utmost to minimise the impact we have in terms of noise, mess and disruption.
  7. Guaranteed quality. Where possible we always look to make good with materials that match the original façade of your building, producing seamless repairs. We have developed methods and trained skilled experienced operatives to strive to finish our works to be sympathetic with the existing by attempting to match replacement bricks with our extensive knowledge and stocks of new and reclaimed imperial bricks and attempting to match the pointing style, colour and texture with coloured mix of selected sands, hydraulic or natural lime and or cement mortar mixture and AWT method of refacing bricks with coloured repair mortar.

    We have standards that are quality assured and we offer as standard an AWT five-year warranty with an option of a 25-year insurance-backed warranty on every project.


To find out more about our innovative solutions, or to discuss your building’s needs, call us today on 01227 721255, email us at or use our contact form to get in touch.

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