Dropping & Cracking Soldier Brick Lintels

This 1950s / 1960s home in Erith, Kent has brick support lintels above the doors and windows made up of upright bricks known as soldier brickwork courses. The soldier brick lintels, also known as straight arches, were dropping and cracking. Without suitable structural repairs the lintels and the brickwork above would fail. This would damage the UPVC windows and doors and eventually lead to the collapse of the brickwork. This problem often occurs after new windows and doors have been fitted to properties of this era.

Repairs soldier bricks - Soldier Brick Lintel Repairs Kent

The Structural Problem

The brickwork above the doors and windows of this semi detached home near Dartford, Kent was supported by lintels comprised of upright, soldier bricks. Deep cracks had formed around the soldier brick lintels, the soldier bricks were also dropping. This was leaving the brickwork above unsupported, putting pressure on the UPVC windows and doors.

Failing soldier brick lintels can lead to warping of the double glazed UPVC replacement windows and difficulties opening doors and windows. The masonry above the lintels will begin to drop and sag. Eventually, the lintels would fail, causing the brickwork above to collapse.

Common Symptoms of Soldier Brick Lintel Failure:

  • Cracks around lintels above windows & doors
  • Difficulties opening & closing windows & doors
  • Sagging brickwork above windows & doors
  • Symptoms often become more noticeable after fitting replacement windows & doors

soldier bricks cracks - Soldier Brick Lintel Repairs Kent

The Structural Repair Solution

The structural inadequacy of the straight arch lintels was repaired by reinforcing the masonry above and forming a composite beam within the external brickwork. The formation of deep masonry beams within the existing masonry supports the masonry and maintains the integrity to the brickwork.

The 3 techniques used by AWT were:

  1. Bed Joint Reinforcement Beaming
  2. Fenestration Lintel Repair
  3. Resin Bonded Ties.

This reinstated the uniformity of the brickwork while at the same time providing restraint, preventing the brickwork from dropping and cracking.

soldier brick lintel repair - Soldier Brick Lintel Repairs Kent

The AWT team put temporary supports in place before using their specialist realignment equipment to move the dropping lintel back into line with the adjacent brickwork. Then rows of twin 8mm stainless steel corded joint reinforcement fixings were installed within the masonry forming a deep masonry beam. Grouted helical stainless steel pins were also installed to reattach the soldier course forming the lintel to the brickwork above and resin ties fixed to the inner skin within the beam area.

Cracked or disturbed areas of pointing were made good with colour matched mortar. The precision drilling techniques used by AWT results in the minimal disturbance of the mortar in the brickwork.


Repair soldier bricks - Soldier Brick Lintel Repairs Kent
Completed Soldier Brick Lintel Repairs

Why Choose AWT for Structural Repairs?

Unlike traditional builders, AWT can

  • treat the root cause of the structural defect
  • repair structural issues without partial demolition and rebuilding work
  • make structural repairs without visible fixings
  • provide a long-term solution to structural failings
  • make repairs with minimal disruption for residents

AWT can provide structural repairs for homeowners as well as housing associations, councils, main contractors, London boroughs and social housing providers.

AWT provide cost-effective structural repairs for a wide range of structural faults including dropping soldier brick lintels and cracked brickwork. We operate not only in Kent but across the whole of London and the South East of England.

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