Repairing Distorted Gable Brickwork & Large Gaps Around Bay Window Glazing.

The masonry of the bay window of this property in London E11 was leaning away from the main structure. Large gaps were opening up between the bay window frames and the double glazing units. Realignment of the sagging bay window plus reinforcing failing gable brickwork to restore structural integrity were required.

The skills of the AWT team allowed them to restore the structural integrity in a cost effective and efficient manner without any rebuilding or visible fixings.

Grove Green bay repairs - Repairing Gaps Around Bay Window Glazing and Distorted Gable Brickwork

The Structural Problem

This East London home had visible cracking in front bay window brickwork and stone lintels. Outward rotation of the first floor bay window was clearly visible. Large gaps had opened up between the bay window frame and the glazing. The cracking and distorting of the masonry bay had caused significant movement to the brickwork gable above.

Problems of this type are common in such Victorian / Edwardian properties and are usually the result of ageing and inadequate restraining in the original building methods.

The AWT also had to be prepared for the possibility that the masonry components might not be solid masonry but simply a thin facade covering a timber frame.

The Structural Repair Solution

East London Bay Window Repairs - Repairing Gaps Around Bay Window Glazing and Distorted Gable Brickwork

After the initial inspection, the AWT team conducted an intrusive survey by drilling carefully placed inspection holes and using an endoscope where necessary. This allowed them to determine that this property’s bay window was constructed using solid masonry elements.

The first element of the structural repairs required the installation temporary supports to the underside of the first floor bay window lintels. AWT designed realigning cramping equipment and hydraulic powered jacks were used to realign the columns and brickwork ready for reinforcing.

Specialist drills were used to introduce rows of 8mm stainless steel corded joint reinforcement fixings. This redistributed the upper storey load to the supporting structure below and restrained the diagonal cracking and bulging tendencies.

Precision drilling rigs were used to install helical stainless steel pins through the brick arch. Resin bonded stainless steel pins were used to reconnect the brickwork to the main body of the building.

Internal gable restraints were fixed in place. Stainless steel lateral restraints were installed directly into the timber joists and resin bonded to the masonry. This restored the structural integrity of distorted gable brickwork.

Any disturbed mortar was re-pointed with mortar matched for colour and texture to blend with the existing pointing.

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