Sagging Masonry Above Bay Window – Failed Timber Bressumer Beam

London Bay Window Beam Replacement 225x300 - Failing Wooden Bay Window Beam

To protect their investment, the new owners of this period home in South West London called in AWT to address the structural issues as part of their renovation work. The bay window structural problems had progressed to the point that failure and collapse of the front of the property was a real danger.

Unlike traditional builders, AWT can provide targeted, long-term structural repairs without rebuilding work.

AWT can provide cost-effective repairs for severe structural problems including failed bay window support beams. To learn more about how AWT can help with structural defects in bay windows read our Bay Window Structural Repair FAQs.

The Structural Problem

Without urgent structural repairs, the bay window and masonry above would collapse. As well as the high cost of reconstruction,  it would destroy period features and likely reduce the property’s market value.

The seriousness of the structural defect was most easily seen in the interior of the property. Like many properties of this era, the masonry above the bay window was supported by a timber beam. This Bressumer beam had failed, causing the structure above to sag in the middle. The characteristic V-shaped slope of the floor, windows and masonry can be seen in the photos above.

Cracks had formed in the first-floor brickwork and window arches. Radiating cracks had also opened up in the plaster and finishes around the bay window. The front single-storey bay has started to pull away from the building. The timber Bressumer lintel above the bay window was soft, over-stressed and deformed.

The Structural Solution

The structural repair had 3 main objectives:

  • Realigning the masonry
  • Replacing the timber lintel
  • Reinforcing the structure

The structural repair work included:

  • installing temporary supports
  • using AWT-designed hydraulic jacking system to realign the structure
  • removing the failed timber Bressumer beam
  • installing concrete pad stones
  • replacing the timber beam with a metal lintel
  • removing the temporary supports
  • introducing Bed Joint Reinforcement-Beaming
  • repairing  lintel brickwork arches
  • installing lateral restraints
  • injecting grout ties
  • repairing brickwork and concrete

The specialist structural repairs reinstated the uniformity of the masonry,  redistributed the upper-storey loads and restrained any diagonal cracking and bulging tendencies.

The exterior of the property was left ready for repainting and the interior was left ready for the reinstatement of all disturbed finishes around the bay window area i.e. plaster boarding, plastering, flooring, skirting etc. and decorating.

Action Wall Ties are specialist structural repair contractors with the knowledge and experience required to repair period properties with severe structural defects, such as failed bay window support beams.  AWT work with property owners, structural engineers, architects, project managers and local authorities on large and small projects.

AWT are available across London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex. To arrange a survey or to discuss project details, please use our contact form, email us or call us on 01227 721 255.

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