Bay Window Cracking & Sagging After Installing New UPVC Windows

The bay windows in this London SW2 property had become unstable due to the removal of the original timber windows for replacement double glazing installation. Problems were manifested as cracks in the plaster and brickwork. Gaps also opened up between the ceiling and the bay wall.

AWT was able to restore structural integrity to the bay window without the need for slow, costly rebuilding work. AWT provided a cost effective, long term repair with minimal disruption to the ongoing restoration project.

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The Structural Problem with the Bay Window

Hubert Rd defects 1 - Unstable Bay Window

During the refurbishment of this mid-terraced Victorian/Edwardian property in Brixton, South West London it became evident that there was a serious structural issue with the bay windows. Cracks were radiating out from the bay window brickwork and the first floor bay window was leaning outward. Both the plaster and the brickwork showed significant cracking.

The Action Wall Ties team quickly discerned that when UPVC windows had previously replaced the original timber windows the supports afforded at the head of the bay had been removed. This had allowed the bay window to sag, drop and rotate away from the main elevational house wall. Temporary supports were put in place to the underside of the first floor front bay window masonry. This prevented further deterioration of the brickwork.

This is a common problem that AWT is called to repair. Removal of timber sash windows from a bay window often leaves the bay window brickwork without sufficient support. Structural problems with the bay window masonry may become evident during or after the fitting of new double glazed units to the bay window.

Restoring Structural Integrity to the Bay Window

Action Wall Ties’ plan involved restoring the structural strength integrity of the bay window and redistributing the load from the upper storey of the property.

Utilising our specially developed equipment, tooling, methods and skilled staff allowed the realignment of the masonry, fabrication and installation of remedial steel work and fixings. The introduction of bed joint reinforcement beaming to form composite beams within the masonry together with lateral restraints restored the structural strength, all with minimal impact on the face of the brickwork.

Action Wall Ties used bed joint reinforcement beaming, lateral restraints and grout tie injection to reinforce the masonry. Steel lintels and columns were also fitted.

Replacement bricks were colour matched to blend with the original masonry. The pointing style and mortar mixture were also designed to match the original texture and colour.

Hubert repaired - Unstable Bay Window

Action Wall Ties serve customers in SW London and throughout the South East i.e. in Kent, Greater London, Sussex, Essex and Surrey. We are often called in by homeowners encountering bay window problems following the fitting of new double glazed windows. We are experts in repairing and stabilising bay window brickwork and stonework.

Action Wall Ties (AWT) are specialists in masonry reinforcement and repair, providing professional solutions to a wide variety of structural problems including issues with bay windows. Contact us on 01227 721 255, email us or use our contact form.

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