Replacement of Failing Timber Lintels

This low rise apartment block in the North West of London had severe distortion in 2 of the large support lintels. These failing wooden lintels were supporting the stone corbels and brickwork above. There was also deterioration of the brickwork piers including cracked and spalled bricks and cracks in the plinth render.

case study 5975e6beaf63b2.07724363 - Replacement of Failing Timber Lintels

Failing Timber Lintels in Occupied Apartment Block

The remedial work on entrance hall of this London Soho low rise apartment block was carried out with the residents still in situ. The work was carefully planned to ensure the safety and security of the residents.

Newton props - Replacement of Failing Timber Lintels

Temporary support was provided by specialist props and bracing. This required removal of a section of the stone cornice with a specialist diamond chain saw. The stone cornice and timber beams were then removed.

Installation of New Timber Beams

The remedial work included:

  • Installation of new timber beams

  • Realignment of the stone cornice & making good the disturbed brickwork

  • Spalled bricks were resurfaced

  • Defective pointing was replaced with colour matched mortar

  • Damaged render on the plinths was cut away and made good with a specialist concrete repair mortar system.Newton brick repairs - Replacement of Failing Timber Lintels

AWT provided a long lasting and cost effective structural repair with the minimum of inconvenience to the residents. The buildings facade was left ready for decoration to restore it to its former glory.

Newton completed - Replacement of Failing Timber Lintels

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