Failing Bay Window Masonry

This period property in Kent required structural repairs to the bay window masonry. Due to a combination of weathering, ageing and ineffective restraining the brickwork of the bay window was leaning outward. The bay window brickwork was cracked and bulging away from the windows.

case study 598466589ce641.57601627 - Failing Bay Window Masonry

Bay Window Masonry Defects

The front corner of this house in Thanet, Kent had been previously rebuilt by a traditional general builder. This had failed to get to the root cause of the structural problem.

There was visible bulging of the side wall, cracks in the rear wall and outward movement of the higher levels of the front bay. There was also significant cracking in the spandrel brickwork between the lines of windows.

Thanet bay window cracks - Failing Bay Window Masonry

The bay window brickwork columns to the top floor had become unrestrained, de-bonded (see diagram) and bulged outwards. This caused the brickwork arches and the parapet wall above the bay window to also lean outwards. As a result, there was a bow shaped space between the timber window frame and the brickwork columns.

debonded brickwork bulges 1.3 - Failing Bay Window Masonry

Bay Window Masonry Repairs

AWT installed temporary supports and then deployed their AWT designed realigning equipment to restore the brickwork to an upright level. Specialist drilling rigs were used to introduce stainless steel reinforcement into the brickwork. This provided the necessary strength and restrained the brickwork to give a permanent solution to the problem.

Margate bay debonded 1 - Failing Bay Window Masonry

AWT used their specialist equipment to close up the cracks in the brickwork and restore the dropped brick arches. The custom made stainless steel fittings are all concealed within the brickwork to preserve the appearance of the property.

AWT have a great deal of experience in restoring structural integrity to listed and period properties. To maintain the appearance of the property AWT matched the colour and texture of the existing mortar and repointed the disturbed areas.

AWT can provide cost effective structural repairs for a wide range of structural faults including bay window structural problems. We operate not only in Kent but across the whole of London and the South East of England.

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