Unstable Masonry on Victorian/Edwardian Bay Window

AWT was called in after replacement bay windows had been fitted to this period property in London SE15. Cracks had appeared in the surrounding masonry plus outward movement of the two storey bay window’s supporting masonry column, lintel and brickwork.

A temporary support had been put in place but urgent action was required to restore structural integrity.

case study 599edb3bea26a8.96391670 - Unstable Masonry on Victorian/Edwardian Bay Window

Collapsing Bay Window

What started out as a simple home improvement revealed structural issues with this Victorian/Edwardian period property in Lewisham, SE London. The masonry of the 2 storey bay window had become unstable and was being supported with a temporary prop. AWT were able to realign and reinforce the structure without the need to demolish and rebuild the brickwork.

Torridan collapsing bay 2 - Unstable Masonry on Victorian/Edwardian Bay Window

Specialist Bay Window Repairs

AWT have designed and developed specialist realigning cramping equipment. This provides a stable framework that then allows careful use of hydraulic rams to realign the distorted brickwork. The brickwork arches, columns and masonry elements were returned to the level of the adjacent brickwork and joints were closed up again.

Torridan bay specialist - Unstable Masonry on Victorian/Edwardian Bay Window

Custom made, stainless steel reinforcing restraints were introduced into the brickwork, leaving no visible support. This is an important consideration, especially for period properties.

Attention to Detail

AWT’s specialist structural repair skills saved the ornate stucco rendered brickwork around the windows from being destroyed. AWT’s attention to detail includes matching not only the colour but also the texture of the original mortar when repointing the disturbed areas. When the stucco render was painted the whole area looked as good as new.

Torridan bay repaired1 - Unstable Masonry on Victorian/Edwardian Bay Window

AWT’s structural repairs are quicker and more cost effective than using a general builder. AWT are able to get to the root cause of bay window structural issues and provide a long term solution.

AWT provide help for owners of period properties across the South East – Greater London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Essex.

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