Victorian Terrace with Bulging and Cracking Brickwork

This Victorian terraced home in Walthamstow, East London was suffering with dropping and outward bowing of the brickwork.

case study 5ba50c25294103.83954636 - Victorian Terrace with Bulging and Cracking Brickwork

The Problem

This rendered Victorian terrace home in Walthamstow, London E17, was suffering with significant distortion of the masonry. It also had dropping and outward bowing movement of the brickwork on the upper floor.

The left hand side external brickwork had bulged outward from the centre first floor. Internal movement to the junction of the dividing wall and external wall was also noted.

barclay upper floor - Victorian Terrace with Bulging and Cracking Brickwork

The Solution

The first step, after the initial survey, was to carefully remove the render finish on the front elevation to expose the underlying brickwork. As well as giving access to the brickwork this also allowed for a secondary survey to ensure there were no further issues with the masonry.

Our remedial work included:

  • Bed Joint Reinforcement Beaming
  • Crack Stitching
  • Fenestration Lintel Repair
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Grout Tie Injection
  • Brickwork Repairs
  • Realignment and Pinning of the Coping Stones

The repair work was designed to reinstate the uniformity of the walls and provide restraint in order to restore the tensile strength of the brickwork. It was also necessary to reconnect the main elevational brickwork to the brick internal dividing and party walls.

Action Wall Ties used specialist drilling rigs that enable precision drilling. State of the art stainless steel fixings were then installed within the framework of the building. These techniques have been designed to deal with the root cause of the structural faults rather than just provide a short term cosmetic fix.

Carefully matched coloured sand and cement mortar was used to make good the drill holes. As can be seen in the photo, there are no visible fixings once repair works are complete. The exposed brickwork is left clean and tidy. The facade of the house can either be left as exposed brick or the render can be replaced if desired.

barclay render removed - Victorian Terrace with Bulging and Cracking Brickwork

AWT’s specialist skills allowed these serious structural faults to be repaired quickly and economically. No long and costly rebuilding work was required.

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