Remedial Panel Ties for LPS Tower Blocks

Two LPS blocks, Thamesmead (Post-Ronan Point) – AWT remedial panel ties.

case 30 a - Remedial Panel Ties
In 2006 Action Wall Ties completed works to these two blocks, installing a remedial panel tie system to the external large sandwich panels.

case study 56e19bb6e04847.21142020 - Remedial Panel Ties

Not all structural repair contractors work to the same standards. AWT carefully follow the guidelines provided by the British Standards Institution and the Building Research Establishment Specification Digest. Adhering to these guidelines is vital to ensure the structural integrity of a building, especially mid and high rise blocks.

Companies and departments that award contracts for remedial building works recognise their legal and moral responsibility to ensure contracts are awarded based on safety considerations not just price. Local councils, housing associations and landlords can trust AWT to always provide cost effective, safe structural repair solutions.

AWT work along with architects, project managers and local authorities to restore LPS blocks to full structural integrity. AWT are available for large and small projects in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

Action Wall Ties (AWT) are specialists in masonry reinforcement and repair, including panel ties to external sandwich panels and providing professional solutions to a wide variety of structural problems. Contact us on 01227 721 255, or email us.

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