Repairs to Victorian Period Property with Bowing Masonry

This tall brick-built Victorian-type townhouse in Southwark, South-East London, has 3 floors plus a basement.

The very large rear brick wall of the property was visibly bulging outwards and the brick arches above the windows were dropping and cracking. The property owners had contacted AWT before the problem had become too severe, so there was no significant cracking and failing of the main brickwork. The front bay window was also suffering from some cracking and distortion.

The Structural Problem

In common with many properties of this period, ageing and inadequate restraining of the brickwork had allowed the masonry to bulge outwards. Without structural repairs, the bulging of the masonry would continue and accelerate, allowing the brickwork arches to drop and fail and the main elevational brickwork to become unstable and collapse.

Rebuilding such a large area would be very costly and hugely disruptive to the residents. AWT was asked to provide a cost-effective, long-term structural repair.

The brick window arches were also dropping and cracking, another progressive structural defect that required a long-term solution.

The Structural Repair Solution

repair bulging house wall - Period Property with Bulging Brickwork
Before Repairs

As indicated with red lines and green stars, stainless steel corded joint reinforcement and grouted helical bars were installed within the masonry using precision diamond drilling techniques. This forms a deep masonry beam that adds tensile strength to the structure. It also redistributes the upper-storey loads and restrains any diagonal cracking and bulging tendencies.

As indicated with green lines, grouted helical stainless steel pins were used to realign and reinforce the brick arches.

As indicated with yellow stars, resin-bonded stainless steel lateral restraints were used to restrain the brickwork from bulging outwards.

The cracked window cill at the front of the property was repaired with an anti-carbonation cosmetic-grade mortar. Areas of damaged or disturbed mortar were made good with colour-matched mortar.

No Rebuilding, No Visible Fixings

AWT’s specialist structural repair techniques allowed masonry to be realigned and strengthened without rebuilding work or any visible fixings. This preserved the property’s period features and saved the homeowners time, money and inconvenience.

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