Bulging and Cracking Ornate Bay Window

This Victorian/Edwardian terraced home in Lewisham SE4 was suffering with structural defects that were causing cracks in the decorative work around the bay windows as well as bowing brickwork.

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The Structural Problem

The beautiful decorative moulding around the bay windows of this terraced home in South East London was cracking. Even more worryingly, the brickwork of the bay window was visibly bulging and rotating away from the main part of the house. Inside the house there were cracks appearing in the internal party wall.

Action Wall Ties were called in to find a permanent solution to the structural issues while preserving the period features of the property.

The Structural Repair Solution

The AWT’s survey team diagnosed inadequate restraint of the bay window and a point loading issue with the party wall. Reinforcement of the masonry and a redistribution of the load on the party wall was required.

AWT have an arsenal of techniques at their disposal that are not available to traditional builders. This allows them to repair structural defects without rebuilding works.

Following a thorough survey, the following techniques were selected to restore the structural integrity:

  • Bed Joint Reinforcement Beaming
  • Crack Stitching
  • Grout Tie Injection
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Concrete and Brickwork Repairs

The specialist tools and equipment developed by AWT allows them to repair structural defects without compromising the look of a period property such as this.

st asaphs after - Bulging and Cracking Ornate Bay Window


A twin diamond bladed machine with attached vacuum was used for precision drilling prior to the installation of rows of twin 8mm stainless steel corded joint reinforcements. This helped to redistribute the weight of the upper storey to those parts of the supporting structure best able to carry them. It also assisted in restraining diagonal cracking and bulging.

8mm stainless steel lateral restraints screwed into the floor joists’ bresummer beam and resin bonded to the masonry provided further lateral restraint.

Localised cracks in the brickwork were stitched together using stainless steel fixings embedded out of sight within the brickwork.

Any patches of defective masonry were cut away and the areas were repaired using Flexcrete – a specialist repair substrate.

The finishing touches included colour matching any replacement bricks and ensuring the pointing style and mortar mixture matched the existing texture and colour.

AWT’s specialist skills allowed these serious structural faults to be repaired quickly and economically without damaging the character of the period features.

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