Harrow High School. Corroded Window Arch Bars.

As can be seen in the photos, there were cracks in both the external brickwork and the internal plaster work around the windows of these school buildings in Harrow, Greater London. In places the external brickwork was crumbling.

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The Structural Problem

Harrow cracks - Harrow High School. Corroded Window Arch Bars

The brickwork above the windows was visibly lifting and cracking. An inspection by Action Wall Ties quickly identified the cause as corroding mild steel arch bars which were reducing the support from the existing lintel arrangement. This type of fault also results in difficulties with opening and closing windows.

The flat brickwork arches in the building were of differing ages but all were built on mild steel arch bars. As these bars had rusted the resulting ferrous oxide (rust) expanded to several times the thickness of the original metal in turn lifting and cracking the brickwork above. In places the facing brickwork had crumbled to reveal the metalwork.

The Structural Repair Solution

The remedial works were designed to add tensile strength and reinstate the brickwork’s integrity without detracting from the appearance of the building.

Harrow repair - Harrow High School. Corroded Window Arch Bars

The brickwork openings required remedial support and the arch bars needed to be removed to stop any further damage to the building. Bed joint reinforcement and beaming fenestration lintel repair techniques were used to restore the tensile strength of the masonry.

Bricks were carefully removed to allow the cutting and removal of the corroding arch bars. Two rows of twin 8mm stainless steel corded joint reinforcement fixings were installed forming a deep masonry beam. The formation of continuous beams within the existing masonry redistributes the upper storey loads and assists in restraining diagonal cracking and bulging.

Specialist drilling rigs were used to drill for and install helical stainless steel pins through the brick arch and into the line of the deep masonry beam that had been installed within the existing masonry.

Where possible the existing bricks were reused. Replacement bricks were colour matched to blend in with the original brickwork. The cracked mortar was raked out and repaired with new coloured sand and cement mortar to match the existing mortar.

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