Failing Victorian stone lintel

Failing Victorian stone lintel – removal reinforced and made good and reinstated

case study 56e19db063b062.32961704 - Failing Victorian stone lintel

The subject building was a traditionally built Victorian house.

There was some visible cracking and dropping of a stone lintel and support brickwork.

On inspection the supporting stone lintel was found to be fractured, resulting in the distortion and dropping of brickwork above it.

There had been previous attempts at repairs and it appeared to be supported with remedial steel pipework.

case 42 a - Failing Victorian stone lintel

case 42 a 1 - Failing Victorian stone lintel

case 42 a 2 - Failing Victorian stone lintel

Stone Lintel Repair Solution

Our client’s paramount concern was to maintain the building’s original fabric and appearance.

We provided temporary support for the brickwork to enable the removal of the existing stone lintel and remedial steel pipe work while leaving the brickwork above and internal brickwork in place.

To reinforce and repair the original stone lintel, we firstly set in line and bonded the stone lintel sections together then cut two chases into the rear of the lintel and grouted in stainless steel reinforcing bars.

case 42 b - Failing Victorian stone lintel

case 42 b 1 - Failing Victorian stone lintel

case 42 c - Failing Victorian stone lintel

case 42 c 1 - Failing Victorian stone lintel

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