Structurally Unstable Period Property

Victorian / Edwardian property in Harrow, Greater London, saved from partial demolition and rebuild.

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This period property in North West London was saved from partial demolition and rebuild by our specialist structural repair techniques and solutions.

The Structural Problems

Slender brick columns between the front windows were severely bowing outwards.

The masonry above the windows was dropping and sagging. The gable wall above was leaning inwards and had started to collapse.

Bowing brick columns 4 - Structurally Unstable Period Property

There was evidence of previous attempts at repairs by traditional builders.

The building had been deemed structurally unstable and was unoccupied. Standard building contractors has proposed demolishing the affected areas and rebuilding. This process would be lengthy and costly.

Demolition and rebuilding would have destroyed much of the ornate brickwork and altered the character of the property. A partial rebuild of the property would also have entailed removing all the internal finishings from the affected areas which would add to the costs.

Click on the gallery below to see how far out of alignment the brick columns were.

The brick columns around the windows of this Victorian / Edwardian property had rusting metal fixings within the brickwork. This is a common cause of cracking and bowing in brickwork.

The slender support columns were visibly bowing causing structural instability in the brickwork above.

The brickwork of the gable above was leaning in and was only being held in place by the internal roof rafter. Some of the brickwork had collapsed inwards leaving a hole in the wall.

Apex 4 - Structurally Unstable Period Property

Structural Repair Solution

Specialist equipment designed by Action Wall Ties was employed to firstly retain the columns to allow the removal of the corroded fixings and debris then realign the columns back to inline before installing new stainless steel fixings to reinstate the structural integrity of the masonry.

Specialist hydraulic rams developed by Action Wall Ties were used to gradually realign the thin brickwork columns. Custom made stainless steel fixings were then installed to strengthen and stabilise the masonry.

Replacement bricks, where necessary, were colour matched to the existing bricks. In areas where the mortar was disturbed repointing was carried out using colour matched mortar.

Long Lasting Structural Repairs

The precisely targeted repairs carried out by Action Wall Ties preserved the decorative brickwork of this Victorian / Edwardian property. The repair works were substantially cheaper and faster than the proposed rebuild. In contrast with rebuilding, the precision techniques used by Action Wall Ties left the internal finishings of the property virtually unscathed.

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