London Edwardian Stucco column remediation

Edwardian portico structure with stucco columns cracking and failing – stabilising remediation works involved precision diamond drilling into the edge of the rounded columns directly into the centre of a half brick wall and the injection of grout

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The subject building was a substantial, traditionally-built, elegant Edwardian Stucco finished domestic house in Central London.

This period property required work to remedy cracking and parting of the entrance porch structure without detracting from the look of the property.

Action Wall Ties have highly trained staff with a wealth of experience in dealing with period properties. AWT used their own design of diamond drilling equipment to drill for, and install, ties to strengthen the structure. The property was then made good using special mortars to match the existing finish.

Detailed Case Study


Cracking to the junctions of the front portico stucco columns with the main elevational walls was reported and noted.

case 7 a - Edwardian Stucco column remediation

case 7 b - Edwardian Stucco column remediation


An underpinning scheme was completed, addressing the downward movement leaving the superstructure to be reconnected. Action Wall Ties’ remediation works were designed to assist in restraining the masonry to return the integrity to the structure.

Structural repair solution

The remediation works involved precision diamond drilling into the edge of the rounded columns, directly into the centre of a half brick wall by 1800mm each way to accommodate the injection of grouted ties, reconnecting the columns and walls (as indicated with green lines).

case 7 c - Edwardian Stucco column remediation

case 7 d - Edwardian Stucco column remediation

With the structure stabilised the cracked junctions of the columns with the main elevation were raked out cleaned and injected with cementitious grout, finished and made good with concrete repair mortar.

case 7 e - Edwardian Stucco column remediation

Action Wall Ties have, over many years, developed specialised equipment and methods to facilitate precision diamond drilling in almost any location, into almost any substrate, drilling 20mm diameter holes up to 3 meters long, through to 80mm diameter holes to almost any length, to accommodate the proposed remediation works (i.e. the removal of corroding steel and or installing many types of fixings).

Action Wall Ties have developed methods, and trained skilled experienced operatives, to strive to finish works to be sympathetic with the existing by attempting to match replacement bricks, pointing style and mortar mixture for texture and colour.

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