Failing Bay Window Columns & Lintels

The charming bay window of this period property in Kensal Green, North West London was at risk of collapse due to failing lintels and stonework columns following the addition of a loft conversion.

The Structural Problem

The structural problems of this period property in London, NW10 were clearly visible. There was significant outward rotation of the masonry columns and lintels around the bay window. The structural issues had become more noticeable following the addition of a loft conversion and the installation of new double glazed windows.

The survey by AWT revealed that if the columns and lintels were not restrained and reinforced it would result in the failure of the bay window masonry. Such a serious defect required specialist structural repairs to avoid costly and disruptive rebuilding of the bay window.

The seriousness of the problem can be seem by how far the bay window masonry was leaning away from the main structure. The photo below shows that a gap of several centimeters had opened up between the new double glazing and the original stonework. This outward movement had also caused cracking in the surrounding brickwork.

The Structural Repair Solution

Avoid costly rebuilding work by calling in the experts. At best, traditional building methods would require the partial demolition and rebuilding of the bay window brickwork. This would be costly, disruptive and time consuming. At worst, homeowners may find they have paid for superficial, cosmetic repairs that do not solve the underlying structural issues.

The front of the house was stabilised by realigning, restraining and reinforcing the masonry using AWT’s specialist tools and techniques. This included:

  • Bed Joint Reinforcement
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Grout Tie Injection
  • Brickwork Repairs
  • Repairs to Ornate Columns
  • Repointing with Colour Matched Mortar

All of this was achieved without visible fixings or rebuilding work. The property was left simply requiring retouching of the paint in the disturbed areas to restore it to its original beauty.

AWT provide cost effective structural repairs for a wide range of structural issues including failing bay window columns and lintels. We operate not only in NW London but across the whole of London and the South East of England.

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