Distorted Flank Wall with Difficult Access

This traditionally built mixed retail and domestic mid-terraced property in Greenwich, SE10, had visible bulging of the side wall.

case study 5c0669e65efd61.54833021 - Distorted Flank Wall with Difficult Access

The Structural Problem

The side wall brickwork of this property in was visibly bulging outwards. Movement was also noted within the property with some visible cracks.

The property located in South East London had retail space on the ground floor with domestic residences on the upper floors. Access to the flank wall was hindered by an abutting pitched slate roof which made access difficult.

Front elevation - Distorted Flank Wall with Difficult Access

Action Wall Ties needed to devise a structural repair scheme that would provide a lasting repair with minimal impact on the retail space, the residential space and the neighbouring properties.

An alternative to long, disruptive and costly rebuilding work was required.

Greenwich cracks - Distorted Flank Wall with Difficult Access

The Structural Repair Solution

AWT needed to ameliorate the masonry defects and add tensile strength to reinstating the brickwork’s integrity. A three pronged strategy was used:

  • Bed Joint Reinforcement Beaming
  • Lateral restraints
  • Brickwork repairs and infill

AWT used carefully designed scaffolding to access the defective masonry while taking care to protect the slate roof of the neighbouring property.

The wall contained an arched window opening that has been boarded over internally. The old sash window was removed and the opening was bricked up with colour matched bricks. Any damaged bricks were replaced.

Internally the installation of timber noggins and lateral restraints provided restraint of the lateral movement of the masonry. The stainless steel lateral restraints were screwed directly into the timber studs and then resin bonded to the masonry to provide a permanent solution to the lateral movement.

AWT used their precision diamond drilling equipment to install rows of twin cord reinforcement, forming a deep masonry beam. This redistributes the weight of the upper storeys. It also acts as a restraint to diagonal cracking and bulging.

Repointing the disturbed mortar with colour matched mortar provided the finishing touch.

AWT provide cost effective masonry repairs to customers throughout London and the South East.

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