Concrete Cill, Mullion and Lintel Repairs

The Canterbury North Control Building, part of the UK power network infrastructure, was suffering from “concrete cancer”. Cracked and crumbling concrete window cills, mullions and lintels needed specialist concrete repairs to remedy the underlying issues and prevent further deterioration.

Canterbury concrete mullions - Concrete Cill, Mullion and Lintel Repairs

The Problem

AWT was contracted by AMEC Foster Wheeler to provide structural repairs on part of the UK power network infrastructure. Corroded reinforcing bars within the concrete window mullions and lintels was causing the concrete to crack and crumble from within. This is commonly known as “concrete cancer”. Weathering had also taken its toll on the concrete framework around the windows and doors.

Failing lintels and mullions can cause difficulties opening and closing doors and windows as the frames become distorted. There is also a danger of injury from falling masonry. More than superficial repairs by traditional building techniques was required.

Canterbury concrete columns - Concrete Cill, Mullion and Lintel Repairs

The Solution

Action Wall Ties’ skilled operatives used specialist cutting tools to cut away larger areas of damaged concrete. Specialist tools were used to scabble the remaining areas to remove layers of loose scale, corrosion and unsound concrete.

The existing steel reinforcing bars were restored by this process to a clean, bright condition and coated with a suitable steel primer to prevent further corrosion. New stainless steel reinforcing bars were installed as necessary.

The bare concrete surface was treated with a Flexcrete 842 Bonding Bridge to prepare the surface. The damged areas of concrete were then restored using Flexcrete Monomix concrete repair mortar system. The finishing touch was achieved by applying Monolevel FC, a cosmetic grade mortar, to seal the repairs and leave a smooth surface finish ready for painting.

The concrete repairs achieved by AWT’s skilled staff restored the integrity of the masonry by getting to the root of the problem. A long term solution was provided that maintained the appearance of the property.

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Canterbury concrete repairs - Concrete Cill, Mullion and Lintel Repairs

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