Pebble Dashed Bowing Gable Wall

AWT was called in to investigate a bulging gable wall and cracked ceilings at the end of a terrace in Walthamstow, East London. A structural repair solution was needed that would not require the removal of the Spar pebble dash render.

London E17 Bowing gable wall - Bowing Pebble Dash Gable Wall

The Structural Problems

The homeowner called in AWT due to cracking in the internal walls and ceilings near the gable wall in this terraced home in London E17. Significant external outward bulging of the gable wall was also visible.

Gable wall problems are common in properties of this age and type. Ineffective and inadequate restraining of the gable masonry combined with ageing allows the gable brickwork to bulge and bow outwards.

A cost-effective solution was required that would restore the structural integrity, if possible without the need to remove the Spar pebble dash render from the gable wall.

If structural repairs are sought early enough, as in this case, AWTs specialist repair techniques may allow for repairs without removing the render/pebble dash. The small disturbed areas of render/pebble dash can then be made good with a concrete repair mortar system.

Standard building methods would require at least partial removal of the render and then re-rendering afterwards. Removal of the pebble dash render would have added to the expense and inconvenience for the householder. The access to the gable wall was also less than ideal.

The Structural Repair Solution

London E17 Bowing gable repairs - Bowing Pebble Dash Gable Wall
Location of Fixings

AWT used precision drilling techniques to embed fixings within the masonry with the minimum disturbance to the pebble dash finish.

Bed Joint Reinforcement Beaming: As shown by the red dotted line, stainless steel fixings were introduced into the masonry to form a deep masonry beam that redistributed the load from the upper storey and restored structural strength.

Grouted Tie Injection: As shown by the green lines, precision drilling techniques were used to install helical, stainless steel, grouted ties to restrain the gable brickwork.

Lateral Restraints: As indicated in yellow, stainless steel, resin bonded restraints were fitted to tie the gable wall masonry to the timber joists. This further restrained any tendency for the brickwork to bow outwards.

Re-pointing Disturbed Areas: AWT colour matches the mortar that is used to re-point disturbed areas and drill holes.

As can be seen from the after photo, the structural repairs to the bowing gable are barely visible. The pebble dash rendering remains intact and the underlying structural defects have been dealt with in a cost effective manner.

For fast, effective solutions to bowing gable walls and other structural problems contact AWT today. AWT can advise on structural repairs to properties with render, pebble dash and spar dash. We provide professional solutions to a wide variety of structural issues for homeowners across London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Contact us on 01227 721 255, or email us.

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