Bowing and Bulging Wall

The joint owners of this 4 storey semi-detached Victorian villas (converted into flats) reported visible bulging, dropping brickwork arches to the rear and gable solid brickwork walls and long cracks developed internally.

case study 5b62f1ba37a455.34142644 - Bowing and Bulging Wall

The Structural Problem

The Action Wall Ties surveyor inspection identified ineffective and inadequate restraining plus spreading of the of the brick arches as the root cause of the problem. This had allowed the main elevation brickwork to bulge outward and brick arches over the doors and windows to spread and drop causing the brickwork above to crack. It also caused long cracks in the internal plaster work of the flats.

Bronsbury front view - Bowing and Bulging Wall

This is a common problem with properties of this type and age. As well as damaging the structural integrity of the property it often makes doors and windows difficult to open and close as the frames are warped by the pressure of the sagging brickwork load above.

Restoring Structural Integrity

The introduction of remedial reinforcement to the masonry and lateral restraints was recommended to provide restraint and support to restore the brickwork’s integrity.

Specialist equipment developed by Action Wall Ties was used to install bed joint reinforcing beaming, stainless steel lateral restraints and pins within the structure of the property. This restored the structural integrity of the masonry without the need for any visible restraints.

The cracked mortar was raked out and repaired with new coloured sand, lime and cement mortar that was a match for the existing mortar’s colour and texture.

Action Wall Ties’ specialist knowledge allowed them to restore the property’s structural stability without the need for costly rebuilding work. Their specialist equipment also minimised the disruption for the residents.

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