Bulging Brickwork and Brick Slips on 60s /70s Apartment Blocks

Concrete frame blocks of social housing in Wandsworth, London with clearly visible bowing to the brickwork and infill brick slip. Defective support to infill wall with cracked and detached brick slips.

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The Structural Problem

The structural survey report on this South West London social housing block

The survey of these circa 1960s/1970s blocks of flats revealed, that due to a construction defect, the external brickwork had insufficient support. AWT also found heavily corroded wall ties plus a lack of weep vents and no horizontal expansion joints.

The infill wall external brickwork was originally only supported onto the concrete floor beam by less than 50mm. Where the wall had bulged outward this was reducing the support to just 30mm with the loads onto the brick-slips causing them to bulge out.

Our Structural Repair Solution

The infill wall brickwork was leaning and in danger of becoming detached. AWT promptly made the elevation floor safe (erecting a scaffold to provide access) by installing AWT’s specially developed props.

Wandsworth works - Bulging Brickwork and Brick Slips on 60s /70s Apartment Blocks

The remedial work included:

  • Installation of stainless steel support angles and cavity trays

  • Clearing debris from the wall cavities

  • Rebuilding the brickwork by removal, re-bedding and fixing of brick slips

  • Installation of stainless steel wall ties

  • Provision of horizontal expansion joints.

Repair and Replacement of Brick Slips

The original bricks and brick slips were reused when possible. Replacement bricks, mortar and sealants were colour matched to maintain the visual integrity of the apartment blocks.

Wandsworth finished - Bulging Brickwork and Brick Slips on 60s /70s Apartment Blocks

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