Balutrade wall defects in West London

An estate of 1930s style low-rise blocks of apartments in West London with balustrade wall defects – remedial restraint posts to walkway balustrade walls, cutting expansion joints

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The subject building is part of an estate of 1930s style low-rise blocks of apartments in West London of conventional brick and filler joists built construction with open access decks and private balconies.

Problems with cracks in the Balustrade walls

This very large building is curved with convex walkway balustrade walls.

Outward stepping at the base of the walls, together with outward leaning and cracking of the brickwork and coping stones to the walkways’ balustrade walls, was reported and noted.


Action Wall Ties investigated the defects and reported that the causation was found to be due to seasonal moisture, thermal expansion and contraction i.e. hygrothermal movement.

The expansion had pushed the walls outwards, in some cases stepping out the base of the wall and the wall leaned outwards.

Structural repair solution

Action Wall Ties remediation works are designed to provide a cost effective long term repair solution, ameliorating the defects noted, that retains the existing appearance with the minimum effect to the occupants and impact on the environment.

case 20 a - Balustrade wall defects

To stabilise the balustrade wall Action Wall Ties completed remediation, involving cutting expansion (movement) joints and the design fabrication and fixing of restraint posts.

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