1950s style two-storey semi

Wall tie treatment and weather struck re-pointing to 1950s style two-storey semi-detached house of the type typical of Kent and London.

case study 56e19a3932fe02.00956868 - 1950s style two-storey semi

The subject property comprised a 1950s style two-storey semi-detached house of cavity wall brick construction.

Structural Problems with these wall ties

The existing wall ties viewed were found to be mild steel vertical twist ties, commonly known as fishtail ties. The wall ties were found to be heavily corroded, fractured and delaminated.

case 12 a - 1950s style two-storey semi

The corrosion of the embedded mild steel wall ties had resulted in the forming of ferrous oxide, which had expanded to many times its original thickness, lifting and cracking the brickwork.

case 12 b - 1950s style two-storey semi

Solution for a wall tie repair and replacement

AWT completed a remedial programme providing a viable repair through the introduction of a pattern of remedial wall ties and isolating the existing ties, together with general brickwork repairs and weather struck re-pointing.

case 12 c 2 - 1950s style two-storey semi

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