Large Panel System Remedial Works

Action Wall Ties has a long history of working with many Large Panel System high rise blocks (LPS blocks). Working closely with structural engineers, AWT can install differing options of upper floor reinforcing / tying together as well as tying of the sandwich panels with AWT designed incline pins and mullions fixings for LPS panels.

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LPS Structural Problem

Brodick House is a 22 floor large panel system high rise block in Tower Hamlets, East London.

As with many tower blocks built using the large panel system, the structure required remedial work to ensure its structural integrity.

LPS Remedial Work

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Remedial works included:

  • Cintec Cementitious Sock Anchors
  • Remedial Corridor Reinforcing Angles
  • Remedial Spandrel Panel Tie Back Fixing

Action Wall Ties have extensive experience in defects commonly associated with LPS buildings. Working closely with main contractors and structural engineers, repair strategies have been developed that include strengthening ties, internal steel work and fixings, external stainless steel plates, brackets, and panel ties.

We have also developed tying methods for the sandwich panels. This work is always undertaken with care and attention to detail by highly skilled operatives using specially designed equipment.

Action Wall Ties used purpose manufactured dollies to transport and position the corridor reinforcing steel angles. AWT designed lifting cradles were used to lift the angles and fixed them in place.

Brodick dolly - Large Panel System Remedial Works

Two coats of water based intumescent paint were also applied to provide one hour fire protection.

The remedial work was designed to be cost effective and long lasting.

Greater London, Essex, Sussex and Kent are all covered by the professional services of Action Wall Ties.

Action Wall Ties (AWT) are specialists in LPS remediation, reinforcement and repair of tower blocks. We provide professional solutions to a wide variety of structural problems encountered with high rise buildings. Contact us on 01227 721 255, or email us.

Brodick guauge - Large Panel System Remedial Works

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