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Action Wall Ties are recognised as industry leaders in all areas of masonry repair and reinforcement. And, over the last 20 years we have worked on almost every type of building or structure you could imagine, for commercial and residential landlords, local authorities, housing associations, insurance companies, and businesses – often working in association with structural engineers – across Greater London and the South East of England.

Our surveyors and remedial experts are available as and when you need them to offer rapid, budget-conscious and effective solutions that always fully consider both the structural integrity and aesthetics of your building’s remediation of the defects.

Helical Bed Joint Reinforcement (BJR)

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The introduction of a stress-free, mainly concealed, AWT BED JOINT REINFORCEMENT BEAMING SYSTEM often referred to as Overbeaming – which incorporates helical stainless steel cords grouted into bed joints to form a composite beam within the existing masonry, combined, where necessary, with ties and other fixings providing support and restraint to overcome structural problems and reinstate structural stability.
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Brick Arch Lintel and Bay Window Realignment

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Where brickwork and masonry (including brickwork arches and columns) have moved, bulged or dropped – AWT have developed methods and equipment to enable the realignment before reinforcing.

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Lateral restraints

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AWT have an assortment of fixings and methods to provide horizontal restraint to re-attach external masonry to the internal elements of a building – such as timber floor joists, rafters and internal stud and masonry dividing walls – often as a part of a remediation scheme.

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Remedial Wall Ties and treatments

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Where lifting and cracking of brickwork has been caused by the corrosion of mild steel vertical twist ties (fishtail ties). The formation of ferrous oxide (rust), expands several times the thickness of the metal it had resulted from, in turn lifting and cracking the brickwork AWT has the solution. Remedial work starts with the introduction of a pattern of new remedial stainless steel wall ties, continues with the isolation of existing ties and is completed by the making good of the brickwork. All work is covered by a 25-year insurance backed warranty from the Wall Tie Installers Federation.

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Unique masonry realignment

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AWT have designed and developed hydraulic powered realigning clamping equipment, deployed with numerous developed methods to enable the realignment of the distorted masonry elements of a building. The aim of which is to return the distorted masonry more in-line in turn closing up open joints, and thereafter adopt AWT’s reinforcing methods – often incorporating AWT designed diamond drilling jigs to assist in the installation of stainless steel cords used to lock, strengthen and reinforce masonry, forming composite beams together with lateral restraints, providing support and restraint and thus reinstating integrity and finally making good.

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Unique Drilling Techniques

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To enable Action Wall Ties to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our remedial solutions we have developed specialised drilling techniques over many years. We have designed and manufactured bespoke drilling jigs to facilitate precision controlled drilling in almost any location and into almost any substrate, adopting the most suitable drilling method (including rotary, impact and wet and dry diamond drilling) to accommodate the proposed remediation. Action Wall Ties have also developed, with great success, specialised drills to facilitate rotary drilling of delicate bricks slips for AWT remedial mechanical fixings and long (450mm) 7mm drills for driven ties for stabilising brickwork such as brick arches.

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Remedial Movement Joints

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AWT have developed bespoke equipment and tailored methods to facilitate the cutting of remedial expansion joints. By adopting electrical Hydraulic powered twin bladed diamond disc and diamond chain saws all with special guides, AWT are able to cut straight 10mm wide parallel joints into existing brickwork (up to 325mm thick) in one pass, to form expansion or crack-inducement joints.

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Design, fabricate and install structural steelwork

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As part of our remedial schemes AWT design and fabricate bespoke metal works to solve numerous structural problems. These structural metal works are of mild or stainless steel (including protection and decorative finishing’s i.e. galvanizing powder coating etc.) and are made specifically for our client’s building’s individual needs.

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Balcony wall embedded mild steel component corrosion remedial works

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Corroding embedded mild steel elements, such as reinforcing bars and handrail baluster fixings, can cause potentially dangerous cracking to balcony walls. AWT can reinforce the brickwork, remove corroded steelwork to prevent further cracking, fix new specially designed restraint posts, install stainless steel fixings and make good.

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Concrete frame building defects remediation

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Cracking and bowing of infill walls brickwork and failure of brick slips are common defects found on high-rise concrete framed buildings. This is often associated with lateral restraint deficiencies and/or the concrete frame shortening effect. AWT have extensive experience and expertise in the diagnosis and repair of such defects, using both long established proven techniques and newly developed solutions. Repairs are always undertaken with care and attention to detail by highly-trained and skilled operatives.

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Large Panel System Buildings (LPS) solutions

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LPS was a popular construction method for social housing until the sudden collapse of Ronan Point in 1968. AWT have extensive experience in remediating defects common to LPS buildings. Working in collaboration with structural engineers we develop repair strategies and install strengthening brackets, ties, and stitchings to resist accidental loading – minimising the risk of progressive collapse. We have also developed tying methods for the sandwich panels. This work is always undertaken with care and attention to detail by trained and highly skilled operatives using specially designed equipment.

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Repairs to masonry stonework and renders including Stucco finishing

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Following AWT’s realigning reinforcing works we finish (as approved Flexcrete’s contractors) by adopting an engineering quality structural cementitious repair – mortar system, hand applied, that can be moulded and sculptured to replicate the original form and finish.

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Concrete repairs

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Action Wall Ties are an approved Flexcrete’s contractor and as part of our remediation scheme undertake concrete repairs. Generally repairs follow defective areas mechanically removing detached concrete, cutting away and scabbling the concrete, exposing and treating any corroding steelwork cracking the concrete, were necessary exposing the outer reinforcing bars, removing all loose scale and corrosion deposits, leaving accessible steel in a bright condition. Coat with Flexcrete 841 steel primer or similar. Drill for and resin fix, new stainless steel reinforcing bars as necessary, treat uncovered concrete surfaces with a Flexcrete 842 Bonding Bridge, provide formwork (if required) to receive Flexcrete Monomix concrete repair mortar system. Strike any formwork.

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Brickwork repairs Making Good Pointing and Spalled bricks

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Action Wall Ties have developed methods and trained skilled experienced operatives to strive to finish our works to be sympathetic with the existing. We always attempt to match replacement bricks with the original and to do so we stock a large selection of imperial and metric bricks. To assist in match pointing mortar mixture for texture and colour we stock tried and tested mortar colours stains, different sands, grits and gravels, cements and limes including hydraulic lime.

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Rotating Concrete Boot Lintel Remediation

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AWT have developed props that gradually anti-rotate the boot lintel back, then 16mm stainless steel sheer pins are installed and resin bonded for pre-loading before the props are released. This, together with bed joint reinforcement beaming, and where necessary concrete repairs to the toe, provide a viable repair.

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Structural repair solutions.

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AWT have a structural repair solution for every type of structural defect and issue from movement to cracking and failed restraints and wall ties. Our solutions are effective and thanks to our specialist tools and techniques does not require rebuilding or substantial restoration saving the property owner time and money.

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