Bulging & Cracking Brickwork Across Front of Victorian Semi Detached Houses

These 2 Victorian semi detached houses in Egham, Surrey had a significant bulge in the brickwork above the first floor windows. There was also a failing brick arch lintel and cracking to the brickwork. Without swift action the masonry would collapse.

AWT were called in to repair the defects and allow the homeowners to avoid slow, expensive and disruptive rebuilding work. Equipment designed by AWT was used to realign the brickwork, stabilise and reinforce the masonry and then install new wall ties and lateral restraints.

Surrey bowing masonry repairs - Remedial Wall Ties for Victorian Semi in Surrey

The Structural Problem

The AWT survey team visited the property in Surrey, TW20 to identify the root cause of the visible bulging of the masonry at the front of the property. The AWT survey team quickly identified that this Victorian semi was built using cavity wall construction and that failing cavity wall ties were likely a root cause of the problem.

A limited inspection of the wall ties was undertaken by drilling 12mm holes in the outer leaf of brickwork to view within the cavity via an endoscope. This confirmed the diagnosis of failing wall ties, as can be seen from the photos taken with the endoscope, as the corrosion of the metal was clearly visible. The mild steel ties were all in a similarly heavily corroded condition and showing signs of de-laminating.

Failing Victorian wall ties surrey - Remedial Wall Ties for Victorian Semi in Surrey

Horizontal cracking, lifting and opening up of joints was noted at irregular intervals on the front elevation. Metal ties were located behind the cracks, with an electronic wall tie locator.

Corrosion of the embedded mild steel wall ties was causing them to expand to many times their original size. This was damaging the outer leaf of brickwork, splitting the bed joints and causing either lifting or bowing of the walls and damage to internal finishes. This left the wall vulnerable to vertical and wind loads, especially such a large gable wall.

Without structural repairs the wall would continue to bow further and eventually collapse. Traditional building methods would have required the partial deconstruction and rebuilding of the front of the properties.

The Structural Repair Solution

Completed wall tie repairs Surrey - Remedial Wall Ties for Victorian Semi in Surrey

Unlike some cavity wall tie repair contractors, AWT always works to the standards laid out in the Building Research Establishment Specification Digest. This means that the separation between new wall ties, the layout pattern of the new wall ties and the material used to manufacture the new wall ties all meet the highest standards to ensure a safe, long term structural repair.

To avoid failure of the brickwork and brickwork arch AWT realigned the bulged brickwork, installed new stainless steel wall ties, isolated the old ties to prevent them causing further damage and formed a composite beam within the external brickwork. The formation of deep masonry beams within the existing masonry supports the masonry and maintains the integrity of the brickwork.

AWT use their own custom designed hydraulic realignment equipment and diamond bladed precision drilling rigs. This allows the new fixings to be installed with minimal disturbance to the masonry. A variety of specialist fixings were introduced into the brickwork to restore the strength and stability of the wall.

As can be seen in the photo above, when the work is complete there are no visible fixing either inside or outside the property. The AWT team also take the time to colour match any replacement bricks as well as matching the colour, texture and pointing style of the mortar where work has taken place.

AWT provide cost effective structural repairs for a wide range of structural faults including failing cavity wall ties and bulging brickwork. We operate not only in Surrey but across the whole of London and the South East of England.

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