simple horizontal - Grade 2 Listed Gable Stabilisation in SW London
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Dutch gable ornate - Grade 2 Listed Gable Stabilisation in SW London
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listed building stone repairs - Grade 2 Listed Gable Stabilisation in SW London
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Grade II Listed Dutch Gable Repairs
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simple horizontal - Grade 2 Listed Gable Stabilisation in SW London

Repairs to Failing Grade II Dutch Gables

Kingsway Square in Battersea, South West London is a Grade II listed building, formerly known as Mountfield Mansions, it formed part of Westminster College. Designed by E. W. Mountford in the late 1800s, it is an impressive building packed with architectural details.

The Victorian era Dutch gables, composed of red brick and ornate stonework were structurally unsafe and at risk of collapse. A sympathetic structural repair solution was required that could restore structural integrity without compromising the beauty of the facade.

The Structural Problem

Inspection of the Dutch gables walls that feature in this grade 2 listed building revealed that they had failed structurally. The masonry could be manually rocked and was leaning and at risk of collapse. Cracks were evident in the gable masonry and stonework. The masonry of the gable walls required urgent realignment and strengthening.

Traditional building methods would require deconstruction and rebuilding each gable wall. This would obviously have entailed substantial inconvenience to the residents as well as additional costs for internal redecoration. A cost-effective, long-term structural repair was required.

Due to internal concerns, one of the residents also required a tailor-made solution that used exterior steel fixings.

As with many buildings that AWT is called in to repair, there was evidence of previous structural repairs. Patress/anchor plates were visible on the brickwork but they had failed to address the root causes of the unstable gable masonry.

The Structural Repair Solution

AWT provided a bespoke structural repair solution to reinforce the gable walls. AWT’s unique skill set and proven experience were invaluable on such a delicate project.

The consulting structural engineers recommended the most appropriate remedial solution would be to install Cintec anchors vertically through the top of the stone and extending at least as far below the rafter line as the stonework extends above it.

A custom diamond drilling rig was required to allow precision drilling through over 3m of stone and brickwork at the apex of the gables. The Cintec sock anchors were then installed.

Cintech sock anchors consist of a stainless steel rod in a mesh sleeve. The anchor is installed deep into the masonry by the use of precision drilling techniques. The sleeve is then filled with a specially designed cementitious grout. This provides a mechanical and chemical bond between the masonry and the anchor that restores structural strength. The small diameter drill holes required for Cintech sock anchors are filled with color-matched mortar to provide a virtually invisible repair.

In contrast to long, drawn-out rebuilding work, Cintech sock anchors provide a highly efficient repair method. This technology also removes the need to use visible fixings such as pattress/anchor plates.

Four lateral restraints were also installed on each side of the gables to restore structural integrity and restrain the masonry. These stainless steel lateral restraints screw directly into the timber rafters and are resin bonded to the masonry to provide a long-lasting structural reinforcement of the gable walls.

Special Request Alternative Repair Solution

For the resident that requested exterior steel fixings a bespoke, Y-shaped frame was fabricated. This was fitted out of sight, to the rear of the gable masonry, ensuring it did not interfere with the lightning conductors on the gable.

The AWT team carefully cut away the protruding moulding at the rear of the gable to provide a flat surface. The bracket was then fixed in place with stainless steel resin bonded fixings. The finished repair provided a long-term structural repair without compromising the beauty of the Victorian gable masonry.

AWT provides cost-effective structural repairs for a wide range of structural issues. Our specialist repair techniques make us the ideal choice for projects involving listed and heritage buildings. 

We work together with structural engineers, architects and project managers to find economical and effective solutions. We operate not only in London but across the whole of the South East of England.

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